Comedian Mateen Stewart

Black Lives Matter

Detroit, MI. 1998. When I was 16 years old I got a flat tire outside of my cousin’s middle school. While I waited for him to get out of school, I tried to change the tire myself but it was too hard for me. (I was hella weak and it was also 10 degrees outside) I went into the school to see if I could call my parents and let them know I needed he help. My dad called AAA and my cousin and I went to wait in my car. About 30 minutes later a cop car pulls behind us. Thinking they were there to help me with my flat, I got out the car. To my surprise both officer pull their guns on me and I’m looking down the barrels of two 9m hand guns. They kept yelling “Don’t fucking move”, “Put you hands up” I completely lost control of my bladder and it was so cold that my urine froze instantly. I remember thinking “Why is this happening” . I just knew they were going to shoot me. They threw me against the car and pulled my cousin out of the vehicle and then the proceeded to ransack my car, like they were looking for something. One officer kept saying “Where is it?” I had no clue what “IT” was. I was so scared I could see my heart pumping through the front of my jacket. They never found what they were looking for. They turned us loose and then they turned to leave without any explanation,nothing. I stand there cold and confused, smelling like a pee popsicle. My cousin stands by me in shocked and in silence. I mustered up the courage to speak and I ask them “Why ,why did you do this to us? We did nothing, I thought you were here to help to me with my tire! One officer yelled back “Someone said you had a gun!” . They both got into the cop car and they drove away. “Someone said I had a gun? ” I put two and two together and realized that someone had mistaken my car jack for a gun and called the police. As I think about this story I often ask myself “Were these guys just doing their job?” I still don’t know the answer. One thing I do know is that I could have easily been an innocent victim that day. Thank God I didn’t have a cellphone because it would have definitely been in my hand as I exited my car and I probably be dead like so many others. Being a cop is tough. Those men and women risk their lives everyday and they do a job that most people wouldn’t do. I know all cops are not bad people. I was not there in Ferguson, so I’m not sure what really happen. I do know that there were actions that could have been made where an unarmed man didn’t have to die. ‪#‎IcouldhavebeenMIKEBROWN‬

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